Addicted to stuff

My mom and aunt asked if I wanted to go to Tyjo's, they were having a sale. Of course I went. I do not need any fabric, I have nothing in mind that I want to make. But I still bought a bunch of fat quarters, at $1 each, how could I not? Her regular priced fq's were on for 6 for the price of 4, and I'm a sucker for anything Amy Butler so I bought most of what she had left.  The stuff on the left matches the quilt kit I got for Christmas from my mom.
I'm still getting grief over using part of the kit to make this banner. ( I don't recall saying I was making the quilt, just that I loved the fabric!)  Just a note: I only spent $25, not like some people with rooms of fabric, who spent way more. 
I am thinking I need a sewing room. Good thing Kerry doesn't read the blog.
 I made a few cards with the new Stampin' Up stuff.
 I am loving that pennant punch and matching stamp set. It's very versatile.
 The triple layer punches are pretty neat too.
 I'm loving the Beyond the Garden patterned paper.
 I copied the next two cards right out of the catalogue because I loved them so much.

 The kid counted and inventoried all her Copic markers, 103. She coloured the cover of her inventory book, she's so amazing with those markers. And she was quick to point out that 103 markers isn't even half of what is out there. Nice.
 I finally got around to hanging up one of 4 vinyl wall art things, I have a hard time putting something fairly permanent on things.  I snapped a quick photo of the chalkboard one on my antique filing cabinet, with a very meaningful message I wrote on it.  I hope you find it as inspiring as I do.