Little Bit Older, Little Bit Bolder

A very late birthday post. :) A very hectic month, indeed. Some say the busier we get, time flew a lot faster. Isn't it? Feels like my sweet seventeen birthday was only a few months ago, and hey, I'm 18 now!

I thought my birthday was just gonna be a normal birthday without any surprises --which I'll still be thankful & happy about it, I'm always excited on birthdays! But Audrio came right on the night before my birthday, gave me a birthday cake with 18-shaped candles on it, and a birthday present, a polaroid instax camera!! A birthday surprise given by an uber-lovely boyfriend on my birthday... I couldn't ask for more. :)

Blowing the candles reminds me of how God takes care of me though out this 18 wonderful years of me living on earth, and still counting. God provides me exactly anything & everything I need, from the beginning until the end, He is the alpha and omega. :) Thank You God for lovely people You've put in my life, who means a lot to me, called family & friends. And of course, Audrio.

Family dinner with mom, dad, my brothers & sister, Cheryl, Audrio and his mom and dad... then spending the rest of the night at the park :)

Cheryl and her quirkiness. :)