The bridge hold challenge, too many beers and holiday type (dis)organisation.

Well, some big news now; Exams are finally over! After three weeks of the f***ers (clearly this is a G-rated blog), all I can say is PHEW!

Needless to say the end of exams was marked by a few sneaky beerios and the obligtory bridging contest in the middle of the Normanby. After about four minutes of bridge hold it was bordering on ridiculous so Grant's cousin and I truced to share the glory of '2011 Bridge Holder of the year, uni student in pub edition'

As a result, my intercostals now feel like someone has taken to them with a mallet. Strangely enough though, my abs are fine.

So this brings me to the strange predicament of not really knowing what to do for the next two weeks. Of course I still have to work and earn a few clams when I can, but after such a hectic semester at uni I almost am relishing the opportunity to become housewifey, doing the washing, hanging out on FB and watching daytime repeats of Neighbours from the 90's while perfecting my cheese cube and gherkin canapes.

Nonetheless, I don't want to get bored so I have decided to make a list of things to keep me occupied these holidays...

•Learn to make a mean satay sauce
•Perfect the art of poaching pears in alchoholic beverages
•Now that exams are over, moderate my nightly wine intake and perhaps ration it down a bit. It's a costly affair, after all
•Fix my race bike when my crank arrives, ride said bike
•Maybe pick up the roadie and start doing some riding again that goes further than the BMX track
•Practice my cyclocross dismounts and remounts
•Clean the coffee machine more frequently