Happily Ever After

It's Kak Cindy & Kak Imunk's wedding! One of the coolest Indonesian fashion blogger I adore, congrats for the happy couple! and FYI this is one of the most beautiful wedding ceremony I've ever been to... I'm wishing an everlasting happiness for both of you :')

Yes, this uniquely set of dining tables just describe the couple a lot. :)

My companion for the evening :)

I did not expect to find this fierce print tissue in my plate, on a wedding dinner! :D Uber cool.

...The other happy couple attending the wedding! :D

Vintage purse and vintage mirror for wedding souvenirs for the ladies :)
and... a traditional wood cane for the gentlemen :D

A group picture of me, Kak Diana & Kak Heidy with the prettiest lady in the room, the bride! 0:)

Everybody wants a perfect love story. Perfect spouse, perfect wedding, perfect house, perfect future. Cute kids. It got me wondered that maybe perfect is not about the person we're with, not the things they do or have, not according to people's opinions. I once thought that there is no perfect soulmate, all there is to have is an acceptance our hearts do to let go of mistakes and flaws our loved one did. But now I realize that perfect is just perfect. We're not thinking about the flaws and the mistakes in the past, not because we're not trying to adjust it, but we just don't see it and we don't bother to care. And you won't be tired to thank God each time you look at him. The meaning of perfect is different to every minds, but that's my perspective of perfect love story, as I'm living it now. :)