Review for Redline Peach Mango

This is the second in a series of reviews for Redline energy products.  The first review applied to taking down the whole bottle in one sitting—something I refuse to do a second time.  This time around, I opted to drink half, then once that had worn off take down the rest.  Read on.


316 mg


Not the most common energy product in the world, but most everyone should live somewhere where there’s a gas station or supermarket that sells these.


Redline products are pretty minimalistic in terms of design, but given its reputation for seriousness, this works to its advantage.  Everyone who has had a Redline has something intense to say about it—love it or hate it—and the packaging seems to confirm this.  Redline doesn’t need to say much—everyone is already saying it for them.  That out of the way, I do appreciate the blue vs. the red background…just looks nicer.


It is very easy to tell that Redline’s first priority is functionality—everything else can take a back seat, with the exception of taste, which in this case takes the trunk.  This is advertised as having the flavor of peach and mango—which is blasphemy against two fruits for which I happen to have very fond feelings.  There are some semblances of those flavors here, but for the most part it’s just acrid sweeteners and putrid energy ingredients.


The half a bottle I drank this time around was more than adequate in terms of energy delivery—if I were needing to go to the gym, then do yard work around the entire yard, then clean the house and take care of the kids for the rest of the day, I would start off with a half bottle of Redline.  But for your run-of-the-mill tasks, even a half bottle is too much—you need to be doing something involving a good deal of physical activity.


The half bottle lasted me about five hours—which is plenty of time, in most cases.  Drinking the second half turned out to be a mistake—doing that got my body really pissed off.  You ever read about caffeinism, caused by overconsumption?  Well, let me tell you, it sucks.  You’re insanely alert, but nauseous and feverish and achy and just generally feel like crap—and funnily enough, no other drink has done that to me, even the more highly caffeinated ones like Spike, the 24 oz. Rockstar Zero Carb, Rockstar 2X, etc.

Bottom line—if you’re like me, you’re best off sticking with a half bottle in a 24-hour period.  The above might have been a fluke, but I think it will have to be a while before I review another Redline.


Effective or not, I hated this drink.  My fault, probably, for failing to hold sufficient respect for it.  If you’re going to drink a Redline, learn from my mistakes and follow the d*mn directions—start with a quarter bottle and work your way up from there.

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