Danar Hadi, Solo.


A late post of what I've been doing and learning in Solo with my fellow bloggers. Danar Hadi Batik Museum is actually my favorite spot of the whole Batik trip. If you think a visit to the museum is boring, maybe you should try to just wander from one museum to another, alone. Without your friends or your parents or your teachers, without any obligations to do paperwork afterwards, just get lost and learn what you love to learn, and fulfill your curiosity. You gotta love that. This is one fancy & comprehensive Batik museum with a helpful tour guide, this is definitely the right place to go if you want to learn further about Batik. :)

Batik-painters usually drew things they saw everyday, this tells us when or where the Batik is made.
Here's some collection of rare Batik fabric with war-scenery pattern, 
was made during the Dutch invasion in Indonesia.

Back on the old days, they used kain as an identity and social status. 
Believe it or not, this beautiful scarf is worn by the Sultan's extra wives 
because it was too many to remember them by names.

According to their belief, brown is the color of prosperity. :)

I found no wedding photograph of the royal family is nearly smiling, the tour guide said it's because most of the wedding in the old days are forced-marriage. Some of them even met on the wedding ceremony.

The process of dipping the colors before peeling the wax layers, the fabric is called sogan. :)

Vibrant prints and colors.

Gotta love this vintage artwork of the quirky Mrs. Danar Hadi herself. :)

Epic moment of Christina, our New-Yorker friend singing along to 'New York, New York' during lunch time :D

Extravagant outfits inspired from the making of Batik, designed and made by Solo high-school students to be performed at Pasadena parade this year. 

FYI, the Indonesian traditional costume which won the top 10 best national costume in Miss Universe 2012 (worn by Maria Selena) is also made by Solo Batik Carnival team, and from the Pasadena parade, they brought home the President Trophy. Kudos! :)