Nights away plus hot, hot days.

January. I still can't believe we are in 2013! Madness!

We had a nice night away on the weekend—childless! Our time spent at Spicers Hidden Vale resort was awesome. Except I had the silly idea to go riding in 40+ degree heat at midday, then race bikes the next day.
Top of Brahman Loop at HVAP. We're feigning happy as we're melting. Water in our bidons is too hot too drink!
Due to a minor problem with our room, we received free drinks so we were quite drunk that night too! Was nice to get a bit loose, until I had one of those awful drunk nights where you can't sleep and up 10 times either peeing or drinking. Aido on the other hand slept like a log. Bastard!

Spicers. Nice.
With 37 degree heat by race o'clock Sunday, with bleary eyes and last minute brake pad swap, my race was kind of over before it started. A fast start behind the girls, followed by a slow post-start due to heaps of riders, followed by my XX1 drivetrain throwing a chain down the death cookies (seriously, that is NOT supposed to happen!) saw me lose touch and get a bit mad about everything.

When, soon after, I came across the other grades on the trail at the same time (135 riders on 4.5km say it was a little congested would be an understatement) I kind of just got over it, and when my shoe boa broke I was cranky McCrankypants. Eventually John found me some electrical tape to tape my shoe up  (riders in my grade were still coming through at that time, so it wasn't all that bad!) but I had thrown my gloves off in a huff.

Note to self: acting like a toddler doesn't get results. Though I knew this, it was a shitty day to rise up.

Anyway, the past few days I have been exhausted and rallying against an assault of ulcers and sniffles, so I have been feeling quite sorry for myself (in a privileged, white lady kind of way...I know how good I have it!).

Little Pea is very helpful dispensing tissues for my sniffles. Er...thanks Elva!
Onwards and upwards...uni year looms close and I am hoping I can keep up what riding I can do for the coming year! Excited for some big-time races, which are both scary and exciting!