Live from my basement

I'm here. I'm sitting in front of our new imac. As Kerry would say "It's so damn sweet."
It's fast. Our pc was okay, but this is speed of light fast.
It's like someone took our sad black and white world and turned it to colour.
Okay, so it's not really like that, but it's close.
I'm still figuring things out and slowly getting things installed.
I did get the honour of 'winning' today at London Drugs. When the mac guy called with a few questions about the computer he said I had a 'boat load' of photos. I told him I said I had a million when he asked how many, it's not my fault he didn't believe me. He said I had over 100,000 and that was what was taking so long. His exact words were "You win as far as having the most photos I've ever had to transfer." Yay me! My week has turned around.